Moon-Charged Crystal Candles For Petitioning the Universe

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Among the top manifesting coaches expected to skyrocket in 2025, Agnes Vivarelli runs a multi-national practice helping people attract Specific People (and keep them for good)! In this podcast episode, learn which top mistakes you should avoid when manifesting romance.

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Original manifesting candles

Made for Petitioning

Alchemy & Aura's original moon-charged petition candles open you to manifesting through guided petitioning of the universe.


Genuine Crystal Candles

Unlike synthetic crystals made with glass, our moon crystal candles are heat resistant and safe in candles. They feel cool to the touch and contain no air bubbles, which is often an indicator of non-genuine gemstones.


Local Artisan Made

Alchemy & Aura candles are hand-poured and assembled locally in small batches. Because they're made with the moon cycles, quantities are limited each month.

The Original Moon-Charged Petition Candles

What People Are Saying

  • "With just a little wax, a wick, and a flame, you can connect to spiritual realms and make unlimited positive changes to your life in ways you've never dreamed possible."

    - Madam P.

  • "Candles are an ancient form of manifesting, wish fulfillment, and empowering your intentions to make them a reality and bring focus to your goals."

    - Kerry W.

  • “Actually going to cry with the way the candles were packed, the look and smell are absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for making my gift actually that much more special. I love them so much.”

    -Megkian C.

Expertly handcrafted with sustainable, high-quality ingredients

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