How to Manifest | A Fool-Proof Plan for the Beginner Spiritualist

How to Manifest | A Fool-Proof Plan for the Beginner Spiritualist

They say that a plan is the most important element of success.

If you're ready to move forward in your manifestation journey, this is the foolproof plan for any beginner spiritualist.

Those who've followed me for a while know I don't like templatized content; I believe things should be tailored as much as possible to specific contexts surrounding people and their stage in life.

So consider this the "how to manifest" guide broken into parts depending on where you're at in your manifestation journey. Scan through the three phases below and choose the one that resonates most with you. Remember, it's better to experiment and find what works for you rather than let doubt or fear hold you back from trying anything:

Option One

Let's start with the low-hanging fruit. It's like cutting butter in the kitchen—no need for fancy knives when any utensil will do. For manifesting, this means trying easy, fast methods. Here are some common mistakes to avoid:

Overloading Information: Gathering as much information as possible before trying anything. Some people get stuck googling things, reading, and watching videos. Those behaviors might make you feel good in the moment, but they won't do anything for you

Following Generic Advice: Without reference to underlying principles that make manifestation work, people often follow generic advice and then dismiss spirituality altogether when it doesn't work immediately. The popular stuff is just that, it's popular. But it doesn't mean that it's full and complete. Understanding the underlying principles of manifestation will prevent you from repeating mindless affirmations (top complaint I hear, honestly).

    For this phase, here are the minimally viable options that can fast-track people to wondering how to manifest, as fast as possible:

    It Works: The Famous Little Pocketbook: A no-fluff technique teaching how to manifest using a simple written method.

    3 Gateways of Manifestation to Unlock Synchronicity: These are time-tested development techniques on how to manifest, written specifically for people who call psychics. While the audience is for people struggling with psychic dependency, the principles are foundational and important for all beginning spiritualists. 

    Both "how to manifest" guides are short and complete, delivering information plainly and conveniently. They're different, so you could choose one or both and probably finish reading front to back within a day.

    Option Two

    Check if you fall into one of these two categories:

    "I want to believe in the power of manifestation, but I'm struggling to trust the process. How do I overcome doubts and fears?"

    "How can I use manifestation to benefit areas of my life if I'm too attached to the outcomes?"

      If you've found yourself repeating these types of thoughts in your head, I've got just the resource for you: 

      Manifesting Through Skepticism + A New Success Protocol

      This is written specifically for people just starting out. It addresses small blocks of disbelief or doubt and gets you back on track. It might help to read this one first, before working on anything else related to manifesting.

      So to sum it up, this option looks like this:

      1. Look inward at disbelief or subconscious blockers first.

      2. Work on parts of life with less resistance, and try to manifest in those areas first.

      Option Three

      Sometimes, we need a little extra magic in our lives. If you're someone who loves the atmosphere of artsy candles made with natural wax, this option might be for you. 

      Fire is a powerful element because it transforms everything it touches, making it the perfect emissary to release our desires into the universe.

      This guide builds upon the ancient magical practice of writing by helping you craft wishes into carefully-written petitions to the universe, and then using a specially consecrated candle aligned with your wishes.  

      Here's a fun guide on how to manifest with candles:

      Manifesting with Scripting / Petition Candles

      Option Four

      Now we're past the basics—it's time to cut steak, not butter. For manifesting, this could mean several things. I have some good and bad news.

      Option three is for people who don't want to try option one or two, or anything at all. Even more specifically, it's for people who can see the blocks or resistance within themselves but fall into common pitfalls in self-development:

      Hoping for "quick fixes": Expecting immediate solutions to problems that have persisted for weeks, months, or even years. This is like someone who rarely exercises or eats vegetables hoping to take a $20 supplement to lose weight.

      Judging others or being closed-minded: Finding something negative to criticize in everything and remaining safely in their bubble, even if their bubble makes them unhappy.

      Avoiding focused or directed effort: Doing whatever they want and wondering why things don't ever change for the better.

      After making seismic shifts in my life, I've come to realize two truths:

      Truth #1: Change is uncomfortable.

      Truth #2: Transformation requires investment.

      That's why staying the same is so easy.

      And I apologize if this is polarizing, but I feel some manifestation speakers aim to inspire and motivate without helping people change by actually teaching the practical steps of how to manifest.

      I believe magic exists and miracles do happen. I also believe we can increase our magical output with certain practices (through the 3 gateways in option one, for example). But I don't want to mislead people and say they can obtain everything they want in life just by wishing for miracles. That's not a complete strategy.

      But I did promise good news, didn't I?

      Option Five

      If you're open to change and have found yourself thinking any one of the following thoughts:

      "I keep attracting the same toxic patterns in my relationships! What can I do to fix this?"

      "I've been single for so long, and it's starting to feel like I'll never find someone who truly understands and appreciates me! Can manifestation help me attract my soulmate?"

      "I keep getting ghosted or betrayed by the people I date. I'm tired of the heartache and disappointment! How can I manifest a relationship?"

      "I've been holding onto past hurts and insecurities, and I'm afraid they're blocking me from finding love again. How do I release the past and open my heart to new possibilities?"

      "I've been putting in so much effort into dating, but nothing's working!!!"

      "I'm tired of settling for relationships that don't fulfill me. I want to manifest a love that's passionate, deep, and enduring."

      "I want to be attractive. I want to be wanted! How do I manifest that?"

      Then you're looking in the right place! And I'm here to support you every step of the way.

      In short, yes, manifestation can help with all of this. And it's not that hard. It just requires a commitment to yourself and following the right strategies, because the underlying issues are deeper than any one-day ritual or love spell.

      Also, the right strategies should be individualized to your current state and future needs.

      So option four is for people who need more support. These people know they want something more transformative; they want a complete overhaul. If Option Four is where you're at, it wouldn't hurt to discuss your unique situation in depth.

      So this week or next week, I'd like to invite you to have a conversation with me!

      I can't promise availability, as I'm usually reserving time for clients, but this could be a powerful opportunity to dive deep into your goals, challenges, and aspirations. We can map out a personalized plan for your success.

      It isn't unheard of for manifestation coaches to charge up to $600 per appointment... sometimes, even more. And that's typically a one-and-done type of deal. Luckily for you, I'm here for the long haul.

      A $100 deposit secures your appointment and will be returned if you decide to work further with me. Just email to share your situation and see if a consult would be right for you. You'll submit your deposit only after we've agreed.

      Together, we'll get you on track!

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