Debunking the Click-Bait!

Debunking the Click-Bait!

"Ultimate Manifestation Technique to Brainwash Women Into Loving You"

"This 5-Minute Visualization Turns Your Wildest Fantasies into Reality"

Have you ever seen a headline like that?

I was scrolling through a love/relationships forum...

Men interested in manifesting love were asking how they could become attractive or land their soul mate almost overnight. It's understandable—who wouldn't want instant results?

These headlines made people famous and rich because they work... but only to get people to buy!

Now, I might be shooting myself in the foot with what I'm about to say:

This message is for all the men trying to manifest love and relationships.

It's mind-boggling how much time and money people can spend on meditation tracks, books, or YouTube videos. And yet, none of these solutions have the answers... they're just encouraging passive consumption without addressing deeper issues in the self.

The truth is, no time or money is better spent than investing in yourself. Because you attract what you are. If you could choose one ally to go through the world's most challenging obstacle course—life—you should want to pick YOU.

This commitment to yourself is the prerequisite to any lasting happiness or success with love and relationships...

And this is what people hoping to manifest should be focused on.

I've found three pillars consistent within thousands of high-achieving people who managed to attract and keep love:

  • Self-esteem (spoiler alert: you can have low self-esteem and high confidence at the same time. Don’t get them confused!
  • Emotional awareness (from addressing subconscious blocks and self-sabotaging behaviors)
  • Interfacing (the way you speak, dress, and behave—how you present yourself to the world)

    And yes, this stuff is tough. It takes time. And it's hard work to look in the mirror and chug along the path of self-improvement when nothing worked before.

    Sometimes, these could even be our deadliest blind spots. 

    We might cognitively understand these pillars at a glance, and we might even respect the theory behind them...

    But we could have no idea how they apply practically in our lives.

    And the #1 mistake people make is thinking that the absorbing new material is going to change everything.

    If something has plagued you for weeks, months, or even years, do you really think it can vanish in minutes? If it could, you would've done it already!

    Consider this a wake-up call to whoever needs to hear it...

    The magical side of manifestation is real and DOES get results... and you can even influence your magical output with the three gateways of manifestation (found here).

    But as you'll learn in that guide... 

    Any practice that does not also address these pillars elements has huge holes in it!

    Does this surprise you? Does it upset you? Comment below and let's talk about it...

    If you want to expand on the first pillar and find out why it's so important for manifesting...

    Or maybe even tackle these pillars for your own personal growth...

    You might want to hear what this performance trainer says:

    Click this link to learn more.

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