How to Manifest | Psychic Readings and Manifestation

How to Manifest | Psychic Readings and Manifestation

One or two psychic readings once in a while isn't going to interfere with manifestation. The desire to gain insight into the future and find reassurance in uncertain times is a common human impulse. This is why psychic readings can be fun, informative, and valuable!

However, what begins as a harmless quest for guidance is sometimes a slippery slope.

The rise of online pay-per-minute psychic platforms and the 24/7 availability can sometimes lead people down a common path, eventually morphing into psychic dependency.

How Psychic Dependency Starts

The slippery slope of psychic dependency is subtle. It might look something like this:

  • You have an event or circumstance weighing in the back of your mind
  • You receive a prediction from a psychic related to that event or circumstance
  • You wait for the prediction
  • This branches into multiple possibilities:
    • If you are not at risk of developing dependency, you will not seek out another prediction
    • If you are at risk of developing a dependency, you will seek a prediction from the same psychic (whether or not their original prediction came to pass), or you will find a new psychic who will provide additional predictions
    • Predictions about contact, timing, and yes/no outcomes are most common
  • Many times, the psychic dependency becomes worse as the number of prediction cycles increases

Each prediction cycle starts with a natural inclination to seek validation or further clarification. This initial seeking can quickly escalate into a pattern of seeking out more readings, each time hoping for confirmation or additional insights.

How This Relates to Manifestation

Manifestation is about bringing desires into fruition. Depending on who you ask, this could be a magical process, or it could be a practical and natural phenomenon describing the actualization of our focused effort or our subconscious.

But no matter which definition of manifestation you subscribe to, most manifesters have one thing in common: they want to bring a desire to fruition.

We all carry fear, uncertainty, and doubt as a part of our human experience. These elements by themselves are not positive or negative; they're neutral and natural. However, if we allow these elements to influence our thought patterns and behaviors, this can hinder manifestation. 

The issue with seeking too many psychic readings is that it makes us live in our fear, uncertainty, and doubt. It is a coping mechanism meant to distract us from addressing our hidden emotions instead of addressing them. The proper tools and knowledge can help us overcome them, whereas a psychic dependency perpetuates over-attachment, anticipation, and worry. 

    From this root problem stems a few patterns:

    • Constantly watching how predictions unfold
    • Trying to predict the how" or the "when" they unfold

    This over-attachment can be likened to micro-managing the universe. If you try to control every little aspect, it has no room to breathe.

    The universe can almost seemingly re-arrange time and space for you, by orchestrating coincidences that lead to the outcomes you desire. But it can't do this when you are watching.

    The universe works best under the principles of alignment and surrender, rather than control and manipulation. When we become overly fixated on specific outcomes and timelines, we create resistance that inhibits the natural flow of manifestation. We impose limitations and constraints that ultimately sabotage us.

    To overcome psychic dependency, the first step is to recognize the signs of panic and anxiety when they arise. Life, people, and situations will trigger us. Identify your triggers and label your experiences by recognizing the emotions you feel. Here are some tips:

    • Acknowledge the discomfort you feel. You can say something like, "What I'm going through is tough. I am sad and scared."
    • Offer compassion to yourself: "I am me. And being me is enough."
    • Reassure yourself. You can say something like, "while it doesn't feel like it, I know I can be strong if I set my mind to it." Or if you want to remain open to the future, you can say, "good things can still happen even if I'm feeling this way right now."

      Afterwards, take a few deep breaths. That alone will signal to your body that it's okay, and it will physiologically release pent up tension. Remind yourself that the next psychic reading holds little to no influence over the actual course of events; their insights merely reflect potentialities and probabilities rather than concrete certainties. 

      If you decide to turn over to manifestation as a means to bring about a desired future, understand that the process is best approached with a sense of surrender. True manifestation occurs when we release our grip on the outcome and trust in the universe's innate ability to orchestrate events in our favor. By relinquishing the need for control and allowing yourself to flow with life instead of against it, we open ourselves up to peace, freedom, and opportunities that exist beyond our limited perceptions.

      Psychic Binge Rescue + Principles of Manifestation

      Ultimately, the journey toward psychic independence is one of self-discovery and empowerment. But you don't have to do it alone!

      If you think you might need a little more support, I have a free 35-ish minute workshop made for people trying to break the chain of psychic dependencies. If you're feeling victim to psychic readings that leave you disappointed, and want to try manifesting instead, this is a good place to start. 

      Just click here to request access to it.

      By embracing detachment, surrender, and trust in the universe's infinite wisdom, you can reclaim your power to create your reality with grace and ease.

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