How to Manifest | The Psychic Reading That Changed My Life

How to Manifest | The Psychic Reading That Changed My Life

I want to share a story with you that changed my life forever. It all started with a spot-on psychic reading—but not for the reason you might think.

One day nearly a decade ago, I was feeling playful and decided to indulge in a creative exercise. Being an artist and writer, I crafted an elaborate list of qualities I desired in a romantic partner.

I didn't stop at "tall, dark, and handsome". Instead, I went into painstaking detail.

Here are a couple of my favorite entries:

  • "My partner doesn't value traditional education but is so ambitious that he's become an expert in a unique field, making him more successful and interesting than anyone on a conventional path."

  • My partner has an interesting past, maybe even a criminal record, but it hasn't affected his success or quality of life. He has a heart of gold!"

    The second one was so specific and quirky that I couldn't help but laugh. 

    This list became an ongoing joke. Whenever someone asked me what I was looking for in a partner, I'd whip this out and watch their eyes widen. Sometimes, I'd even scare people away!

    Everything changed when I got this psychic reading.

    It was February 8, 2017 at 7:15AM. I remember the exact day because out of thousands of dollars wasted on fake psychic readings, this was the one that changed my life.

    She told me, "I see someone coming into your life with quite an unusual energy. He's got a different outlook on life than most people. Not a conventional person. He's genuine. I like him. He's arriving fast—within three months. You know him already, he's come in and out of your life before. This is someone who you might feel is out of your league, but I'm seeing a partnership. The cards are firm on that. He will have a profound impact on your life."

    Her prediction was correct. But what stunned me was how this man fit my list to a "T". Every quirky, specific detail matched perfectly!

    Want proof? Here are some things he's said before, verbatim:

    "Most MBA programs are useless"

    "These stocks are fascinating. I could stare at these charts all day"

    "I made $600 on accident" 

    "As a kid, I grew up around gangs. We did stupid things. That got boring so I left."  

        Scroll back up and read the statements from my wish list! It was uncanny how much he fit them!

        Even years later, this person is my best friend and partner and he's one of the few people I could ever trust with my life. I adore him.

        The whole experience made me realize something powerful: the psychic didn't influence the outcome—she only relayed a message from the universe.

        I manifested him. It started with me, first. Though it was an accident, I brought my desires into reality. Most people thought my list of requirements was ridiculous. That didn't stop me from wishing for it!

        The universe has no limits to what the universe can bring you. I didn't even know how to manifest, but it happened. 

        This revelation cured my psychic dependency. I realized even psychics with real abilities are just glimpsing into possibilities of where you could be. They're just the "middleman" or the messengers; they don't have any impact. 

        Manifesting taps directly into the source. This power allows you to create the life you desire and attract things you want. 

        That is why I'm so passionate about teaching people how to manifest. It's a total lifestyle that brings freedom and peace. I want to help people break free from relying on psychics and start living life on their terms!

        And there's good news for everyone: success with manifesting can be replicated. There are so many ways to do it, even if by accident. But there are also time-tested methods, including using the 3 Gateways of Manifestation.

        And here's one last bit of encouragement:

        If ordinary people like me are seeing amazing changes, think about what you could do! 

        What do you think? Comment below!

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