Stolen From The Board Room

Stolen From The Board Room


Growing up in Silicon Valley, I had no choice but to be immersed in the rapid world of technology.

And completely by accident, I landed roles putting me in the trenches with the world's most successful executives – the kinds already in the halls of entrepreneurial fame.

I never fully appreciated the opportunities before me. I often felt trapped in boardrooms for hours, working one-on-one with these executives and daydreaming about other things.

However, as time passed, I realized the incredible value of these experiences.

Working so closely with top performers gave me unparalleled insight into their minds and lives.

I observed problem-solving sessions, witnessed flashes of inspiration, and learned habits they relied on to safeguard their sanity.

It was a master class in success, and I had a front-row seat.

What struck me most was that these executives weren't just fleeting stars; they were in it for the long haul.

They didn't simply cash out after a big merger or acquisition, like many who disappeared into obscurity.

They had staying power.

And I became determined to uncover the secrets behind their success.

I identified four key factors that all top executives had in common:

1. High self-esteem: They possessed an unshakable belief in themselves and their abilities. But more than having optimistic feelings about themselves, it was like their brains were wired for success. The latest neuroscience research has proven this to be true. And with the right tools, anyone can learn it for themselves.

2. High emotional intelligence: Tech executives are bright, but their emotional intelligence burns brighter. Their interfacing skills are second to none. They're able to manage people fast and easily, even if they're introverts. It's because they understand the human element is what makes teams successful, not technical aptitude.

3. Conscientiousness in health: They prioritized physical activity and mental training every day. Sometimes, they'd even sneak out the back door in the middle of a busy workday to go do those activities. This was because they knew peak performance required a foundation of self-care.

4. Belief in a higher calling: They were driven by a sense of purpose beyond mere financial gain. They were incredibly and privately spiritual.

You might think these are eerily similar to what's known today as the Total Wellness Index (TWI)

And you'd be right.

Armed with these insights, I set out to reverse-engineer their success formula and make it accessible to others.

And then the IAM Method was born: a mind-body-spirit training program designed to help individuals actualize potential through peak performance.

It's the only performance training and wellness program designed specifically to raise the TWI. 

It distills the lessons I learned from these exceptional executives into a comprehensive system that empowers participants to cultivate self-mastery.

It's a culmination of:

1. Hidden habits of the world's top executives

2. Methods that worked when I ghostwrote an award-winning health program serving over 6,000 private clients worldwide

3. Cutting-edge research from a university I grew up 20 minutes away from (also known as Stanford University)

And it's structured to be executable for ambitious dreamers looking to accomplish something big; people who want to build success for the long haul.

It equips us with our biggest asset in this journey we call life: total wellness. 

This is the IAM Method; a transcription of secrets from Silicon Valley.

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