Neville Goddard: Fraud?

Neville Goddard: Fraud?

So I was thinking the other day about Neville Goddard's early life and his love for dancing.

Now I myself identify as a creative, and similar to how young Neville once did, I have dreams of making self-expression a career. In fact, much of my inner work these days has to do with enabling myself to accomplish enough creatively and attracting opportunities that would present my work to the world.

We all know Neville Goddard's teachings revolve around the idea that the imagination, when combined with emotion and belief, can manifest one's desires.

Then this question came to my mind: if Neville Goddard wanted to be a dancer, why didn't he make a career of it? Why didn't he use his manifestation techniques to become a famous performer? Is it because manifesting is FAKE?

I thought to silence my inner skeptic and answer my own questions in a way that might help similar people overcome their disbeliefs as well (especially if they're creative and longing to make a career out of it):

Divine Timing and Life's Flow

While Neville Goddard might have started his early life with the dream of dancing, his meeting with Abdullah and subsequent deep dive into spiritual and metaphysical studies drastically altered his path.

From a spiritual perspective, challenges and the paths we don't take are as valuable as the successes and the paths we do take. It's possible that not pursuing or achieving fame in the dance world served to refine Neville's teachings, providing him with experiences and insights that he wouldn't have had otherwise.

Sometimes, what we initially desire serves merely as a bridge to lead us to our true calling.

Evolving Desires

While Neville's philosophy emphasizes the role of desire and imagination in manifesting one's reality, it's also worth noting that not all desires come from the depths of one's true self. Some desires are transient or superficial and may not represent the deeper calling of the soul. Neville might have recognized that his earlier interest in dancing was not his truest, most profound desire.

As people grow and evolve, so too do their desires and priorities. Many spiritual teachers believe in a life purpose or a calling that goes beyond transient desires. As he delved deeper into metaphysics, Neville's passion for sharing his knowledge about consciousness and reality might have given him deeper fulfillment.

Depth of Belief

One of the core aspects of Neville's teachings is the depth of belief. For manifestation to occur, one must truly believe and feel the reality of their wish fulfilled.

Considering the timeline of events, Neville did not master this concept until later in life, when he was no longer pursuing a dance career. While Neville had the talent for dance, it's possible that in his younger years his belief in himself as a dancer wasn't as deep-rooted as it needed to be. 

The Bigger Picture

Sometimes, the individual desires we have serve a grander narrative. For Neville, his aspiration to dance led him to New York City, which was instrumental in his subsequent spiritual journey. Had he not pursued dance, he might not have crossed paths with Abdullah or been exposed to the philosophies that shaped his life.

In retrospect, Neville's journey through the world of dance could be viewed as a pivotal chapter in his life's story, leading him towards his true calling. While the art form might not have been his lifelong career, the grace, discipline, and expressiveness he learned from dance undoubtedly influenced his lectures and teachings.

At the root of every creator's fear is something along the lines of not being good enough or not being able to fulfill their potential. Followers of Neville Goddard, myself included, might think: well if the father of modern day manifesting couldn't do it, why would I be able to? 

For reasons I listed above, Neville Goddard didn't make a living dancing. I don't think it means he's a fraud of that manifesting doesn't work (hint: it definitely does work). 

Alright then how does it work, according to the man himself? Click here to find out. 

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