Angel Number Manifestation | 3 Techniques to Start Channeling Bad*ss Energy

Angel Number Manifestation | 3 Techniques to Start Channeling Bad*ss Energy

If you've read my ultimate angel number manifestation guide, then you're probably wondering how you can use angel numbers to get what you want.

Because remember, seeing an angelic sign and interpreting it is one thing, but intentionally channeling the numbers to make sh*t happen is the next level up!

Manifestation with angel numbers involves a harmonious alignment of spiritual intention and practical application. Don't worry, if that sounds hard to do, it's not.

Here are three proven techniques that integrate the power of angel numbers into the manifestation process:

Numerical Affirmation Ritual

Okay, don't get scared of the word 'ritual'. All this is is a few easy steps that you have to complete (in order) to reap the most benefits from it! 

Step 1:

Identify a specific angel number that resonates with your manifestation goal. For instance, if you are working with angel number 111, which signifies new beginnings, focus on this sequence. Refer to the ultimate angel number manifestation guide for a breakdown of all the numbers. 

Step 2:

Craft an affirmation related to this goal. It should include 1) a visual cue and 2) a positive feeling associated with your goal. If you've done step 1, you've already got half of this.

Your visual cue should be the angel number. You can either write it out, draw it by hand while adding personal embellishments, or print it out. Do what feels right to you, but make sure you infuse it with attention so that it stands out from other ordinary pieces of paper. 

Your positive feeling should come from your goal related to the angel number. Form a sentence in the present tense as if your desire has already manifested. If you're working with angel number 111, for example, here are some positive affirmations:

  • "I am a natural leader"
  • "I am blessed with people who believe in my vision"
  • "I will start and complete my projects on time"

Step 3:

Set a time when you can take a moment with yourself every day. Ideally, this will be in the mornings after you've gotten ready for the day so you feel fresh and ready for the world. 

Look at your visual cue (your angel number) and say your affirmations. If you can't say them out loud, repeat them in your head. Really feel what it would be like to have what you want, and know that by calling upon an angel number, you are being supported. 

Meditative Visualization

If you've already got a meditation practice established, integrating angel numbers might work really well for you. 

Visualization amplifies the power of intention, and incorporating angel numbers adds a layer of divine guidance to the process. By immersing yourself in the energy of the angel number during meditation, you establish a profound connection with the spiritual forces, enhancing the manifestation's vibrational resonance.


1. Find a quiet space for meditation and relaxation.

2. Close your eyes and focus on your breath to enter a calm state of mindfulness. Begin to mentally scan your body from top to bottom, relaxing all your muscles from your head to your toes. 

3. Visualize the angel number associated with your manifestation goal. Picture it floating right in front of you, and watch as it turns from an ordinary number to one that radiates with a bright pure light. Know that the light is filling the image of the numbers with energy. 

4. Now begin to think about your goal. Engage all your senses in this visualization, and start to imagine what it would be like if you already accomplished it. Allow yourself to feel the waves of emotions associated with the outcome, and most importantly, gratitude towards the universe. Hold these images and emotions for as long as you can.

5. Now return your attention to the angel number that you've charged with bright light. Envision it floating towards you, until it is fully absorbed into you. Imagine that it has left an imprint on your heart, and shines from within you. You are now filled with the bright light and the energy of the angel number.

Open your eyes and proceed with your day as you normally would. Do not overthink the steps. Spend as little or as much time as you need to get the visualization, but do not worry. As long as you felt the emotions associated with the visualization, it worked. 

Creation of a Manifestation Symbol:

Last but not least, we can create a manifestation symbol. This is a tangible anchor for your intention, reinforcing your connection to the angelic energy linked to your chosen number. 

The reason why this works is because the subconscious mind responds particularly well to symbols. Ever heard of subliminal programming? If you are trying to connect to your subconscious, working with long, verbose, and precise words may not always work. Use this technique to imprint a visual reminder of your manifestation goal to your subconscious. 


Select an angel number relevant to your manifestation goal. Then, create a visual representation of this number in the form of a picture, symbol, or artwork.

First charge the symbol by placing it under sunlight or a full moon. Then, gaze into it as if you are infusing it the meaning of the angel number so that it holds the properties that you are seeking.

For example, you can hang a painting up for the number 333 and charge it under a full day's sun or under a full moon overnight. Appreciate it's beauty as you gaze into it, knowing that it represents the elements of charisma, artistic flair, and expression.

Then, place this symbol in a prominent location, such as your workspace, bedroom, or as a screensaver on your digital devices. For the painting, you could hang it up in front of the door to your room. You will want to make sure this is somewhere accessible because every time you see it makes it work a little more. 

Which technique is best?

So if you've read all of the techniques above and are thinking of which one to try first, you might be wondering what's the most effective one that's going to give you your best bang for buck (or bang for effort).

A word of caution with that.

This is the cliche advice that everyone hates, but it's the truth. Don't go googling on reddit or lipstick alley or any other forum on which one is going to work for you. The truth is, everyone is different. The best technique is the one that works for you.

I highly encourage you to experiment with all three above, and even add your own flair to it so that it's unique yours. You will improve your manifestation capabilities if you adopt these as your own and fully put your energy and creativity into them.

Know that incorporating thought and care with the intention of connecting to angelic numbers is already good enough. Working them into your daily routine establishes a synergistic relationship between your intentions, the energy of angel numbers, and the universal forces at play. Consistency and genuine belief in the manifestation process are key elements in enhancing the effectiveness of these proven techniques.

So what are you waiting for? Get to manifesting!

Okay, but if you’re still here and are looking for more, Alchemy & Aura has additional manifesting resources to help:

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