Neville Goddard and The Evolution of New Age Spirituality

Neville Goddard and The Evolution of New Age Spirituality

How Did Neville Goddard Influence Modern Spiritual Thought?

Neville Goddard's teachings, while not new, were revolutionary for his time. He was an influential proponent of the New Thought movement, a philosophy which believes in the transformative power of the mind.

But nowadays, I'm seeing his concepts all over TikTok and Youtube (and not necessarily being credited for it)! So with the rise of manifesting coaches and hot buzzwords like Law of Attraction and Law of Assumption, I want to draw parallels between Neville Goddard's foundational ideas and modern spiritual thought. 

1. Imagination as Reality:

Central to Goddard's teaching is the belief that imagination creates reality. He insisted that by vividly imagining a desired outcome, you can set into motion events leading to materialization.

This is echoed in the modern teachings of The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes:

“Your imagination is more real that then the world you see, because the world you see comes from what you imagine and believe! What you believe and feel to be true is what will be your life.” - Rhonda Byrnes

And yep, that's a direct quote. They're saying the exact same thing!

And don't get me wrong. I'm not claiming that Byrnes stole anything from Neville Goddard. She was certainly influenced by "The Science of Getting Rich" by New Thought authors like Wattles, Charles F. Haanel, as well as teachings by Prentice Mulford. She also drew inspiration from many sources, including religious scriptures, quantum physics interpretations, and modern self-help ideas. Her worldwide manifesting phenomenon called "The Secret" is pretty much a synthesis of everything, presented in a way that's accessible for a contemporary audience. Byrne does not claim to have originated the ideas in "The Secret" but to have merely brought them to the forefront of modern consciousness.

2. Feeling is the Secret:

Goddard emphasized the importance of feeling the state of the wish fulfilled. It’s not just about visualizing, but genuinely feeling that what you desire is already yours. This is because the universe understands emotion, not logic, and therefore the emotion accompanying desires is what actually brings them to fruition in the material world. And with this, there are PLENTY of parallels between his ideas and modern spiritual thought:

Emphasis on Emotional Resonance:

Before Goddard, much of spiritual practice was about thinking the right thoughts. Goddard shifted this perspective, arguing that feeling was the bridge between the imagination and reality. Today, many spiritual teachers and coaches stress the importance of aligning emotionally with desires in your heart, and not just in your brain.

Visualization Techniques:

Goddard’s teachings on feeling encouraged a deeper form of visualization where one doesn't just see the outcome but deeply feels it. This technique has been widely adopted in modern manifestation practices. Whether it's in sports psychology or personal development seminars, the emphasis on emotional immersion during visualization is prevalent.

Shift from Passive to Active Manifestation:

The idea that feelings play a crucial role in manifestation encourages practitioners to actively engage with their emotions. Instead of passively wishing or thinking about an outcome, there's a drive to embody the emotion of the desired outcome, making the manifestation process more involved and dynamic.

Holistic Approach to Spirituality:

Goddard's emphasis on feeling complements the modern trend towards holistic spirituality. In contemporary spiritual circles, there's an understanding that true transformation and manifestation involve the mind, body, and spirit. Emotions (feelings) are the bridge between these realms.

Nowadays we see a resurgence of Neville Goddard's teachings EVERYWHERE, and the central tenet is his book "Feeling is the Secret." New-age spiritual influencers reference these ideas, albeit sometimes they do so indirectly.

3. I AM - The Power of Affirmations

Goddard often spoke of the power of "I AM" affirmations. He said it helped people align with the vibrations of their desires more easily, bringing them closer to fruition. Here's how it permeated and influenced contemporary spiritual paradigms:

Personal Empowerment:

The idea that one can define themselves ("I AM wealthy," "I AM loved") rather than being defined by external circumstances has become a cornerstone in modern self-help and personal development genres. It reinforces the belief that individuals hold the power to shape their reality, and there's nothing stopping them except for their own limiting beliefs.

Take the best-selling book Atomic Habits by James Clear, for example. This book took the world by storm when it first came out because of how it can turn somebody into anybody they want to be, one habit at a time. In it, James Clear says if you want to be an athlete, you have to say, "I AM an athlete." Your subconscious mind cannot help but do everything it can to make that statement become true. This is not far off from what Neville Goddard's affirmations do!

Affirmation Practices:

Spiritual coaches, therapists, self-help guides, and Oprah all incorporate affirmations into their teachings. There's even a whole movement on Etsy with just affirmation printouts, which are cute little reminders you can keep at your desk or in your bathroom. The power of positive self-talk, underscored by the "I AM" affirmations, is widely accepted as a method to rewire the subconscious mind and align with desired outcomes.

Rewiring the subconscious mind is a hot topic in neuroscience. The scientific term for this is called neuroplasticity, and it is proven to be VERY real. It's interesting to think about how the spiritual and scientific communities may start at opposite ends of a spectrum, but reach the same conclusion somewhere in the middle! 

The widespread acceptance of practices like daily affirmations in schools, workplaces, and therapy shows how mainstream the idea has become. From daily affirmations apps to corporate mindfulness programs, the underlying principle often traces back to the "I AM" teachings.


Fast-forward to our (even faster-paced) digital age with short form video as the norm, Goddard’s influence is still evident in the burgeoning community of manifesting coaches on TikTok and YouTube. His techniques are often repackaged for a younger audience, but the essence remains. Visualization, affirmations, and the emphasis on 'feeling' are touted as the key ingredients to successful manifestation. While not always credited directly, the roots of many modern practices trace back to Goddard!

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