Neville Goddard Books: Ranked

Neville Goddard Books: Ranked

DISCLAIMER: You don't NEED to read books or buy products to start manifesting. 

But if you:

  • Are a curious reader
  • Don't mind a different writing style found in Neville Goddard books, and
  • Are genuinely interested in experiencing the wisdom of manifesting firsthand

Then this article is for you.

There are more than a few Neville Goddard books, so you could easily get lost. I've seen posts throughout the years advising newcomers which Neville Goddard books they should read first, but those suggestions were always missing why.

So here's my take on the best, most natural progression of learning through Neville Goddard books — beginning with foundational concepts, moving to deeper explorations, and culminating in the most advanced and integrative ideas.

Number 1: "The Power of Awareness"


"Man's chief delusion is his conviction that there are causes other than his own state of consciousness."

Why This Neville Goddard Book Is #1 on the List:

This is Goddard's primer on the unity of consciousness and reality. And that's SUPER important because it underscores the idea that our inner states are mirrored in our external world. Grasping this core principle is essential for understanding Goddard's subsequent teachings, so naturally it should be read first.

You could probably be off to the races with setting up a new life with just this book alone. And for just a couple dollars at the time of writing this post, it's not badly priced. Not bad at all. 

A journey into the deep corridors of your mind can reshape your entire world. Are you ready to live with eyes wide open and Power of Awareness? If yes, this little book is for you. 

Number 2: "Feeling is the Secret"


 "The world cannot change until you change your conception of it." 

Why This Neville Goddard Book Is #2 on the List: 

It's a clarion call to the spiritual neophyte: your feelings don’t just respond to the world; they sculpt it. Beyond mere thoughts, there's a secret language the universe understands: emotion. If you want to start manifesting ASAP, there's no faster way than to master this secret. 

And let me tell you WHY this works. Too many spiritual teachers completely miss this point:

Neville Goddard says there are two parts to consciousness, which he defines as our 3D reality. There's your conscious, which is personal and selective. Then there's your subconscious, which is impersonal and non-selective. Your conscious generates ideas from the material world, feels in the material world, reacts to the material world, and then imprints these impressions onto your subconscious. Your subconscious then receives these impressions and turns them into your future reality. It doesn't know rhyme or reason, it can't understand concepts, it just understands feelings. It is constantly running from those feelings even when you're sleeping or eating or doing anything other than thinking about it.  

Now, what does this have to do with manifesting? Because it is your choice what to imagine and feel, you have control over your conscious, and therefore you have control over creation.  

Neville Goddard goes into this in depth in his book, Feeling is the Secret. Check it out here.  

Number 3: "Your Faith is Your Fortune"


"Change your conception of yourself and you will automatically change the world in which you live." 

Why This Neville Goddard Book Is #3 on the List:

After grasping the importance of consciousness and emotion, this Neville Goddard book introduces the transformative power of faith. To him, the Bible is a guide to the soul's journey.

Your Faith is Your Fortune intertwines religion and New Age thought, which will most likely give scriptural Christians the jitters. But if you can get past the outdated language and be open to the possibility of the Bible as a psychological interpretation mirroring how we transform from the inside out, the teachings in his book can enrich your spiritual journey in spades.  

An inner revolution of belief has the power to transform your outer world. Learn how from Neville Goddard in Your Faith Is Your Fortune.  

Number 4: "Awakened Imagination"


"Man attracts what he is. The art of life is to sustain the feeling of the wish fulfilled and let things come to you."

Why This Neville Goddard Book Is #4 on the List:

"Awakened Imagination" is a seminal work in the New Thought movement. While the era touched on positive thinking and the law of attraction, Goddard's unique approach rooted these concepts in the imagination with emphasis on the individual as a creator. This shifted the spiritual paradigm from one of passive hope to active manifestation.

While several of Neville’s works touch on the importance of imagination, "Awakened Imagination" gets into weeds about its transformative and creative power, examining how it shapes individual realities. Neville also places a strong emphasis on actionable techniques. This hands-on approach makes the book particularly user-friendly for those looking to implement Neville's teachings, assuming you've already got a solid foundation for it.

In essence, while all of Neville's works orbit around the same fundamental truths, "Awakened Imagination" offers a specialized, deep dive into the limitless potential and transformative power you have.

In Awakened Imagination, you are offered an intriguing premise: What if your wildest dreams aren't mere daydreams? What if, instead, they're blueprints for potential realities? 

Number 5: "Out of This World: Thinking Fourth Dimensionally"


"Assumptions awaken what they affirm."

Why This Neville Goddard Book Is #5 on the List:

This one's a short book, but if you're wanting the full Neville Goddard experience, this is a must read. With a grasp on the core principles of consciousness, emotion, faith, and imagination, you can dive into the mechanics of reality itself and how to navigate its mutable nature. 

While Goddard's overarching theme across all of his work is the power of imagination in shaping reality, "Out Of This World" places a particular emphasis on the role of assumptions. Goddard discusses how one assumption, whether positive or negative, can utterly make or break your life.  

Goddard also touches upon the nature of time in this book more than in some of his others. He dives into the idea that all events – past, present, and future – exist simultaneously, and our conscious focus determines our positioning within this spectrum.

Through meditation, you develop an ability to manifest from any timeline (also referred to as quantum leaping on Tiktok or Youtube nowadays). That's a bit theoretic, but  "Out Of This World" stands out for its deeper philosophical musings, particularly around the nature of reality.

You are always one assumption away from a completely different life. Which assumptions are you making?

Number 5: "The Law and The Promise"


"All that you could ever desire is already present and only waits to be matched by your beliefs." 

Why This Neville Goddard Book Is #6 on the List:

By this point, assuming you read these in the order I recommended, you'll have a VERY robust understanding of the inner workings of your psyche and are ready to explore the intricate dance between your inner state and the universe. 

"The Law and Its Promise" is particularly actionable. Neville provides clear guidance on how to use the power of imagination and feeling to bring about desired changes in one's life.

One of the most distinctive features of this book is the inclusion of numerous real-life testimonials and stories. Neville shares various accounts from individuals who applied the law in their lives and manifested their desires. This makes the book particularly practical and relatable, offering tangible examples of how the law works in everyday situations. The reason why this book is next to last on my reading list is because it sends you off into the real world feeling uplifted, motivated, and determined to get the same results as the people he describes.

The cosmos, in its expansive glory, has laws. Understand them and use them as others have, and you just might become a manifesting machine. This is the promise. 

Number 6: "At Your Command"

"Claim yourself to be the thing desired. I AM that; no sacrifice, no diet, no human tricks." 

Why This Neville Goddard Book Is #7 on the List:

Many Neville Goddard book ranking lists will put "At Your Command" first because it's more concise and to-the-point than some of his other works. This book captures the essence of his teachings in a more condensed form, making it a great introduction for those new to his ideas. This also happens to be the first book Neville Goddard wrote. 

So why'd I put it seventh on this list? Well, there's so much to unpack. I think if you're interested in experiencing the wisdom of Neville Goddard, you would be doing yourself a disservice by skipping straight to this book. Keep in mind, all of his books are interconnected. Each one delves into various facets of the same core beliefs, but from slightly different angles. 

By following this sequence and reading this book last, you'll move from understanding the basic tenets of spiritual manifestation to mastering advanced techniques and concepts. You'll finish your study with a neatly-packaged summary in "At Your Command".

This progression ensures a holistic and deep comprehension of Goddard’s profound insights, the nature of reality, and your psyche's role in effecting change. You'll also know exactly how to achieve the life you've dreamed by applying his techniques.

So, have you finished his earlier books? If so, snatch your copy of "At Your Command" now.

Bonus: The Neville Goddard Mega Collection

If you want a culmination of Neville Goddard's teachings in one convenient paperback -- which I highly recommend, otherwise you'll be sitting on a stack of books -- there are two options:

Option #1:

I purchased the highly rated paperback by David Allen (considered the best editing of any Neville Goddard book), containing twelve of Neville Goddard's works for a total of 830 pages. It includes transcriptions from Neville's lectures in 1948, as well as a transcription of a radio talk in 1951. 


This is available with two day shipping on Amazon, and this is the version I recommend. Click here to get it. 

Option #2:

The second option is a larger format (7" x 10") paperback published by an unknown editor under Neville Goddard's name.

This version does not include lecture notes or a radio talk transcription, so it is advertised as the complete collection of Neville Goddard's 10 "official" books.  


This collection is available from Amazon with one-day shipping at the time of writing this post. You can check it out here.  


You should get these books if experiencing the wisdom firsthand is important to you (i.e, hearing it directly from the horse's mouth as opposed to a TikTok or Youtube coach offering simplified advice).

If you've read the summaries I wrote and want to read Neville Goddard books, do it in this order. You will thank yourself for it. 

A final note I want to add is, put the things you read into practice. Don't get too hung up on the theory and the reading. It's way better to spend your time manifesting until you're good at it. Practice, practice, practice. After all, the changes in your life will come when you make change, not read about it! 

Speaking of practice, I wrote specific Neville Goddard techniques to try here.

Or, click here to return to the Neville Goddard Curriculum. 

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