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Manifesting with Petition Candles Guide

Manifesting with Petition Candles Guide

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To get what you want, you need only ask! 

Candles have long been associated with magic. But not just any candle will do: because the strength of a magical outcome is modulated by four elements: emotion, imagination, belief, and clarity, using specially-made manifestation candles is the perfect way to attract your desires. 

In this short and fun guide, you'll learn how to craft an effective request to the universe in five simple steps. You'll also discover:

  • Fatal mistakes to avoid when forming your request
  • The most crucial step which comes after you light the candle 
  • FAQs to maximize your chances of getting results

Energy work is highly personal, but this guide equips you with one potential strategy to work with the unpredictable nature of manifesting. Add this to your arsenal, adapt the methods to your needs, and be empowered to live fully. 

This is a pdf download only (will be emailed to you upon your request). 

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